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Our Office

Dr. Michael A. Mauger D.C., F.N.P. | Clinic Director

Tina Rodriguez | Office Manager
Processing of all medical records request for private health Insurance claims, Account manager for all private health insurance claims. Notary Public.

Caroline Mauger | Chiropractic Assistant, N.C. Rad. Tech, Account Manager (Accident Claims)
Processing of all Subpoena's and Affidavits, Processing of all medical records request for the accident claims. Notary Public.

Rollie Miller | Assistant to Dr. Mauger, New Patient Assistant and Exercise Rehab Tech.

Claudia Mata | Assistant to Dr. Mauger, New Patient Assistant, Front desk Coordinator and Notary Public.

Donna Perez | Medical Records Officer, New Patient Assistant, Therapy Tech, Front desk Coordinator and Notary Public.

Leslie Rivera | Assistant to Dr. Mauger, New Patient Assistant and Medical Records Officer.

Tracy Pizana | Front desk Coordinator, Therapy Tech and Notary Public.

Jacqueline Aguilera | Therapy Department Officer.

Lindsey Nelson | Therapy Department Officer.

David Jimenez |Exercise Rehab Tech, Therapy Department Officer.

Allison Walters | Exercise Rehab Tech, Therapy Tech and Social Media Marketer.



Review of case history, chiropractic consultation and exam which may include: postural analysis, range of motion, osseous palpation, muscle palpation, spinal balance check and correlation of findings.


Periodic review of your condition with report.


Extended Office Visit (After hours or more than one visit per day). Includes analysis and interpretation of X-Rays findings. Report of exam findings and introduction of plan of care.

Spinal Adjustment/Office Visit

A specific manual adjustment to correct vertebral subluxation.

Medicare Manipulation

Regions 1-2, 3-4 and 5.


Muscle Stimulation, Ultra Sound, Spinalator, Electrical Stimulation, Cold Packs, and Hot Packs, Massage.

  • Neuromuscular Massage
  • One-half Hour sessions.
  • Meridan Therapy
  • Laser Acupuncture
  • Needle Acupuncture

Supportive Therapies:

Ice packs, special pillows, supports, home units, and vitamins, which may be prescribed and are an additional fee, depending on your needs and Dr. Mauger's recommendations.
NOTE: You will be provided with an itemized outline of each supply prescribed for your condition.

Additional Services:

We will bill your primary (1st) insurance at no cost. We also will do additional billings, disability forms and Special Reports (narratives).

Office Policies:

The following is an explanation of our clinic policies. We believe that a clear definition will allow us both to concentrate on the most important issues: regaining and maintaining your health. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our policies, your account or insurance coverage. ALL PATIENTS MUST PRESENT WITH A VALID PHOTO I.D. TO BE SEEN.

No Charge Consultation

Dr. Mauger will do a special "no charge" consultation, or brief conference, with anyone you refer in who is interested in finding if our chiropractic can help them with their individual health problem. There is no charge or obligation in connection with this appointment.

Patient Payment Policy

We feel the patient's health needs are paramount; therefore the following payment policy is an attempt to allow you, the patient, to receive the care your need and clear your balance with the least amount of difficulty.

Workplace & Auto Accidents/New Patient Care Services

We require payment in full of charges incurred on the first day of service if you have no health insurance benefits. Properly documented Worker's Compensations and auto accident claims are not required to pay at this time if appropriate forms and liens are signed. We highly recommend that you take advantage of joining our PREFERRED CHIROPRACTIC DISCOUNT PLAN that offers you services at substantial savings on your care. We also offer CARE CREDIT, most if not all patients qualify. Please ask for details.

Established Patient Care Services

Patients under care are required to make regular payments on all unpaid balances, except for properly documented Worker's Compensation or auto injury claims. Payments need to be paid weekly, depending on your arrangements. We do charge one percent on all accounts balances over 60 days.


We offer multiple advanced appointments texted directly to your personal cell phone and/or printed out for your convenience to ensure your time with the doctor. While we do welcome walk-in patients, in order to better serve our patients we ask that you call if you are unable to make your appointment or if you will be late. Missed appointments will be expected to be made up that same week. Your appointment time is reserved for you. If you fail to notify our office, it leaves a time slot open that could be used to help someone else. Please help us help others.

Massage Therapy

Our office prides itself on having available two certified licensed massage therapist to assist with those deeper levels of muscle problems. You must notify the Front Desk Receptionist before you leave when scheduling your next appointment or when you call in for an appointment to designate that time with the massage therapist. These time slots can fill up fast in the late afternoon so be sure to get a print out of your schedule each time before you leave.

Emergency or After Hours Calls

In case of an emergency you may contact the office for a special appointment any time during regular office hours. If you, a friend or family member requires after hours or weekend assistance, you may call the clinic at (361) 993-3917 for special assistance. We have a 24 hour answering machine that we check periodically and get back with you .

Our Policy on Health Insurance

Today most insurance policies do offer some limited type coverage on chiropractic care. We will be happy to file your primary insurance claim for you and do everything we can to assure you receive proper reimbursement; however, we cannot take responsibility for what your health insurance will or will not cover. Some insurance companies pay fixed allowances for certain procedures, and others a pat percentage of the charge and are policy specific.
We do charge for additional itemizations and the billing of additional carrier.

How We Set Our Fees

Our office reviews our charges annually aligning with known standards and norms such as Fee Facts and the Spinal Fee guidelines of the Texas Workers Compensation Commission which are known standards available to doctors in the field specified to/in the South Texas area.
While each insurance company may vary and disagree as to what the normal standard charges are, our offices is not privileged to this information for any specific carrier which may weigh heavily in favor of not paying for all of the medically documented charges that should otherwise be covered.

Disputed Fees

Complaint with your carrier should be made with the Insurance Commissioner of Texas to alert them of bad faith action practices by your insurance carrier, that by their own directive and internal administrative policies, may be defrauding you the policy holder by keeping back monies rightfully owed by them. We will be glad to assist you in preparing a formal complaint requiring only your signature or you can contact the Insurance Commissioner yourself at:

Insurance Commissioner of Texas
P.O. Box 149091
Austin, TX 7717-9091

Questions and Answers

Your questions about any aspect of your care or account are invited. Please feel free to ask your doctor or any available staff member. We will make every effort to answer your inquires.

We DO NOT OFFER Ride Service