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Can Your Chiropractor Help with Spinal Disc Issues?

Written By Mauger Medical on January 15, 2022

Spinal Disc Issues Mauger Medical

Spinal disc issues can occur for many different reasons, from sports injuries to auto accidents to simple wear and tear. When a problem occurs with a spinal disc, the pain is likely to get worse over time if you don’t get the care you need. Instead of using pain medication to get relief, which will only mask the symptoms and will eventually lose its effectiveness, why not seek out noninvasive, drug-free treatment that addresses the cause of the problem? 

That is what Mauger Medical's chiropractic care can do. A majority of people visit a chiropractor for the first time because they are frustrated by back pain, and many of those cases are tied to spinal disc issues. Visiting a chiropractor could be the first step to getting rid of your back pain for good. 

What Are Spinal Disc Issues?

The most common cause of spinal disc issues is a herniated disc, which are also sometimes called slipped discs, ruptured discs, or bulging discs. The spine consists of a series of vertebrae that are separated by spongy discs that help to absorb pressure along the spine and prevent the vertebrae from bumping up against each other. When one or more of these discs slips outside of its usual position, it can press up against the nerves around the spine and cause pain, numbness, and tingling. 

Degenerative disc disease is another common spinal disc issue. With this condition, the discs break down, usually as a result of aging. Degenerative disc disease can cause pain by allowing vertebrae to bump into each other, and when a degenerated disc herniates, allowing it to press against the spinal nerves. 

How Can Chiropractic Care Help Spinal Disc Issues?

Dr. Mauger and Dr. Girdy typically use spinal adjustments to treat spinal disc issues. During a spinal adjustment, subluxations—areas of abnormal spinal alignments—are corrected using gentle pressure. Adjusting the spine and correcting these abnormalities allows discs to return to a healthy position and alleviates pressure on nerves along the spine, so that the associated pain is eased. 

Spinal adjustments can be performed by hand or by using specialized mechanical tools. Many patients find that having regular chiropractic treatments not only alleviates current disc issues but also helps to prevent them in the future. 

Treat Spinal Disc Issues with Chiropractic Care

Back pain doesn’t go away on its own, so let Mauger Medical use chiropractic treatments to help you get relief from your symptoms without relying on medications. For chiropractic care in Corpus Christi, call (361) 993-3917 or use our appointment form to schedule a visit. 

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